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Product Description

Plug-in Alarm with Keyless Entry and Comfort Lock System Generation IV built for BMW E36 3-Series (1992-1999) fits:

  • 316
  • 318i, 318iC, 318is, 318ti
  • 323iC, 323is
  • 325i, 325iC, 325is
  • 328i, 328iC, 328is
  • M3, M3 Convertible
  • Fits Left Hand (LH) US models only.
  • For Right Hand (RH) models, please contact us for availability. 

This 4th Generation system protects your vehicle against theft and vandalism.  With the push of a button on your flip key remote, this system will monitor the doors, hood, trunk, glass, towing and any vibration that is detected by the shock sensor.  It also comes with the starter disable and fuel pump protection, and the flashing LED that warns away intruders.  If the car is being violated the siren will be triggered, and the lights will flash.  Plus it activates the double lock feature for added security.

As for the convenience, you will get to enjoy the keyless entry feature, which allows you to lock / unlock the doors and trunk with a push of a button using the stylish remotes as well as the comfort locking feature that allows you to roll up the windows and close the sunroof or convertible top by remote.  The best part about this system is that it plugs directly into the pre-wired alarm port for easy installation.  A step-by-step installation CD manual will help you to do the install yourself.

**Most BMW’s are pre-wired for a security system.  Usually, there is a sticker inside the trunk which indicates if your BMW is pre-wired for a security system.  Depending on the year and model of your vehicle, the alarm port will be located in the following areas, behind the glove box, under the rear seat, or other location.  

**** To find out if your BMW has the comfort locking feature, leave a window open, close the door, and turn the key to the lock position from the outside of the driver’s door. If the windows roll up, then this is the correct system for your Bimmer.


  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • Plug-in harness for the BMW alarm port
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Comfort Lock
  • Detailed installation CD manual
  • Anti-scan technology
  • 2 - Heavy-duty flip key remotes***
  • Code learning technology
  • Adjustable shock sensor
  • 2nd Sensor connector
  • Ignition smart
  • Smart annoyance cycle
  • Double lock
  • OBC compatible
  • Starter & fuel pump disable
  • Remote car finder
  • Remote panic
  • Red LED status indicator
  • Parking lights flash
  • On-board relays
  • Re-arm
  • Remote auxiliary output
  • Memory back up
  • Roadside Parking Warning
  • Door unclosed reminder
  • Arming reminder
  • Silent arming / disarming
  • One year warranty
  • Technical support by phone & email
  • Activated - ready to install


***The key blanks will need to be cut at an automotive locksmith to match your BMW key.  If your BMW was built after 1995, you will need to transfer the transponder chip from your original key and mount it inside the new remote.  The manual included will illustrate how to do so. 

This is an aftermarket system built for BMW vehicles. United Auto Security is not affiliated with BMW.

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty on the system and Lifetime Warranty on the Remotes.

Other Details

• Plug-in Alarm with Keyless Entry and Comfort Lock System:
• Fits BMW E36 3-Series (1992-1999):
• Lock / unlock the doors and trunk with a push of a button:
• Double lock, LED, starter disable and fuel pump protection:
• Close the windows and sunroof or convertible top by remote:
• 2 - Heavy-duty flip key remotes – Ready to cut:
• Detailed installation CD manual - DIY:
• Parking lights flash, Remote auxiliary output:
• Adjustable shock sensor, 2nd Sensor connector:
• Silent arming / disarming, Remote car finder / Panic :

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